I teach three  1- hour art lessons at any experience level. We use 2 webcams and microphones, and Skype to share online.
Before buying a lesson, email me here first below, so we can plan it. Then you can click the "Buy Now" button to pay. I will help you with the tech setup. I give homework after each lesson.

Contact me:derekvanderven@gmail.com

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$69 for three 1-hour lessons

Testimonial from Sam from Australia

" As a self taught artist, searching for information on how to approach the craft can be like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Derek provided me with the direction I needed on how to solve issues in my art that I could not quite figure out.

My focus is on reviving techniques of the old masters and adopting it into my own art.

In this area, Derek is a fountain of knowledge. Ranging from his youtube videos, books, his mentorship and online training,

I was able to steer my art from lifeless pieces by infusing age old techniques from artists like Michelangelo and Rembrandt. This has allowed me appreciate what I do a whole lot more.

I'd recommend Derek to artists anywhere from beginner to advanced if they're looking to improve all their artistic endeavours."


Testimonial by Rodrigo Leal in Portugal

"I am a self taught artist for about twenty years now, and I always tried to apply techniques from the Old Masters to my works because I love ancient works so much for their beauty and refinement.

My extended collection of art books help me to visualize what I wanted to do, but reading is one thing and applying it to real paintings is a totally different and difficult task.

Derek Van Derven´s videos, ebooks and on line lessons were the closest way I could ever use to approach the techniques of Old Masters like da Vinci,

Caravaggio, Rembrandt and the living painter Odd Nerdrum. Derek use of a short palette of colors and different textures always fascinated me.

Learning is an ongoing process, and I am revisiting Derek´s works and teachings quite often as a way to improve myself, and to get to a point I like it. Besides his videos and all other written materials, his online lessons were very easy to follow and very profitable and worth it."


Part of "Mother Comforting Her Son" drawing , pencil on paper.